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Signs Your Girlfriend Wants You To Propose by Diamond Exchange Dallas
Signs Your Girlfriend Wants You To Propose by Diamond Exchange Dallas

7 Signs Your Girlfriend Wants You To Propose


She Always Comments on Babies

While the term “baby crazy” may sound a little bit condescending, there’s actually a fair bit of science to back it up. A woman is on a tight biological clock, and female hypergamy often takes its course. Women want a baby from the best man they can get, and if it’s you? You’re in luck.

When a girl is commenting on babies everywhere she goes with you, from seeing that cute little boy in the Starbucks line, to seeing a 2-month-old infant in the airport, you know it may be time to start shopping for some engagement rings.


She Comments on Other Engaged Couples

“Oh, look! Betty Sue and Bobby Brown just got married!” she might say. If she’s commenting about her old friends getting married, people she’s friends with on Facebook getting married, and other random people getting married, she probably wants you to propose.

If you do decide to propose, consider doing it in a fun and different way. While there’s nothing wrong with proposing in a traditional way, some people like to change it up.


 She Talks About Her Future With You

The key here is “with you.” Anytime a girl talks about your future “together” or her future “with you,” she’s probably looking for you to get an engagement ring and propose. Keep an eye out for anytime she drops these hints, because they probably aren’t random.

If she’s talking about eventually having children with you, buying a house with you, and maybe moving somewhere with you, fellas… she’s probably looking for you to find that perfect engagement ring.


She Invites You to See Her Family

While this may not be a big deal if her family lives right next door, if she invites you to a family gathering when her family lives in a different state, she’s probably giving you a hint.

Whenever a girl invites you to see her family, she’s considering you as a future husband. Why? Because she wants to know what her family thinks. Women value the opinions of their friends and family, so it’s important you make a good first impression.

You definitely don’t want to come across as an asshole… but you still want to be a man who has his act together, and can confidently impress her family. It’s a fine line, for sure.


You’ve Been Dating For More Than 2 Years

A lot of people get married after they’ve only been dating for a few months… and while some people say “you just know” when you’ve met your oneitis, other people disagree.

One thing we can all agree on however, is that if you’ve been dating a girl for more than a couple years, it’s probably time to start considering marriage. While you might not want to jump into it head first, it’s definitely that time to start really thinking about your future.


She Follows Wedding Accounts on Social Media

One of the biggest signs that a girl is looking to get married, is that she follows a lot of wedding accounts on visual-based social media. Platforms such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are great for sharing wedding ideas, fun holiday wedding gifts, and more.

If she’s always talking about how “this dress is cute” or how “this wedding idea is so adorable,” you might want to take a look at some engagement rings and get a move on.


She Tells You

When a girl is deeply in love with a man, she might just tell him that she wants to get married. In fact, if you’re deeply in love with her, you may find that you can’t stop thinking about her.

If this is the case, it may be time to get married. If she is ready to get married, not all the signs she gives you will necessarily be indirect. She may just flat out tell you it’s time to get married.


Summing It All Up? Does Your Girlfriend Give You The Signs She Wants You To Propose?

In conclusion, there’s a lot of signs women might give you when they want you to propose to them. There isn’t necessarily one sign that trumps them all, although if she flat out tells you she wants to get married, that’s a pretty good sign.

Most of the time, however, she will just drop little hints. A comment here, and a question there – these are the types of things to keep an eye out for.

How To Buy An Engagement Ring From Diamond Exchange Dallas

Engagement rings is the main jewelry item that we sell at Diamond Exchange Dallas. People often find us after doing a Google search looking for the best place to buy diamonds and engagement rings in Dallas. We have people from all income levels and budgets that contact us looking for a great, dependable deal on diamond engagement ring. Once they contact us it is our job to get our clients the biggest and nicest diamonds for their budget. We prefer to service our clients by appointment that way we can prepare our best stones to show them.

Diamond Exchange Dallas is not a typical jewelry store where you walk in and there is display cases everywhere and aggressive sales people. We are actually a diamond wholesaler and we cut the diamonds on-site. Your experience at Diamond Exchange will be a one-on-one interaction with hundreds of choices to pick from. When you come to us there will be a series of questions that we will ask you to help you get the perfect engagement ring. Below is a list of standard questions we ask almost every customer.


This is normally the first question that we ask our customer when helping them find their engagement ring. Most customers come in with a set amount of money that they are wanting to spend on their diamond ring. Without knowing what the budget is then we will not know where to start the process. It would be useless to dangle a $10000 ring in from of a customer and ask if they like it only to find out they have a set budget of $2000. By asking this question first we can go through our inventory and figure out which diamonds and rings that we have available for that particular budget that we think our client will like.

Our goal will always be to get our customers the nicest ring and diamond for their budget. Our prices are normally at least 25% less expensive that retail stores for the same quality. Our best customers are educated customers that have shopped around already and once they find us they are delighted at our quality, price, selection, and service.

to get our customers the nicest ring and diamond for their budget. Our prices are normally at least 25% less expensive that retail stores for the same quality. Our best customers are educated customers that have shopped around already and once they find us they are delighted at our quality, price, selection, and service.


The most important and the most expensive part of an engagement ring is the larger center diamond. Some customers come to us who are very educated and very particular about the center diamond. They typically know what the favorite diamond shape that their future wife is wanting. However, not every customer is as particular. When we sell an engagement ring we will normally spend a lot of time comparing loose diamonds side by side to see which one stands out the most to them.

Diamond Exchange Dallas has a large selection of loose diamonds at wholesale prices to choose from. We will help educate you on the different characteristics of a diamond such as shape, size, color, and clarity. We carry diamonds that are GIA certified as well as uncertified diamonds. On most of the engagement rings that we sell we will allow the option for a 3rd party appraisal report to be completed by a GIA accredited gemologist for insurance purposes. On the other hand, we do have customers that have no clue what type of center stone they want. In that case, we have hundreds of rings already set up on display for people to shop from and try on. The goal is to put a smile on the girls face everytime she looks down at her ring finger. Once we figure out the center diamond then it is on to the next step :).


The next step in the engagement ring shopping process is to find the perfect setting for the center diamond that you select. Settings can come in all shapes and sizes and from simple to very complex. Some ladies like the look of a simple solitaire setting that shows off the center diamond with no distractions. Other ladies like very extravagant settings with multiple diamonds, bands, and halos. Whatever the case may be Diamond Exchange Dallas has you covered.

We have hundreds of engagement ring settings to choose from and try on to fit your taste. If we do not have the exact setting that you are wanting then we can get it shipped in or we can custom make it. No ring is impossible to recreate! If you bring us the idea that you are wanting then we can make it happen.


Once we have figured out the perfect diamond with the perfect setting for the perfect price the next step is getting the ring completed by the jeweler. The jeweler is the person that sets the diamonds and sizes the rings to fit. Their job is very important because we do not want nothing to happen with the precious diamond that you picked out. We only use the best jeweler in town. We use the same jeweler for the majority of our work who does the work perfect the very first time.

When we get the engagement ring back from the jeweler it will be in perfect shape and ready to have the final appraisal done on the ring. After the appraisal is done then it is ready for pickup by its new owner!


If you are in the market to buy an engagement ring then contact us today. We are confident that we are the best place in Dallas to buy an engagement ring because of our unbeatable prices, large selection of quality loose diamonds, endless possibilities of settings, and master level knowledge of the industry. By taking excellent care of our customers we have amassed over 230 5 star Google Reviews and growing! You con schedule an appointment by calling us at 214-755-1806 of by filling out our contact form.

When shopping for an engagement ring you should want to get the best deal for your budget. At normal jewelry stores, they do not educate you much on what you are buying. They might present their product as “1.30 CTW Halo Engagement Ring” for $4000. What they don’t tell you is that the center diamond is only .69 carats, “K” in color, and “I1” in clarity. The most important and most expensive part of buying an engagement ring is the center diamond. Normal jewelry stores will take advantage of non-educated customers and sell them low-quality center diamonds.

At Diamond Exchange Dallas we typically start with the center diamond. Our goal is to get you the biggest and nicest center diamond for your budget. We will take our time and let you compare multiple diamonds side by side. You will also be educated you on the different colors and clarities. We will also teach you how to use a loupe which is a diamond magnifying glass that allows you to look at the imperfections in the diamond. We also have written a post that explains our engagement ring buying process. Once you select the perfect diamond then it is time to choose the setting.

At Diamond Exchange Dallas we have hundreds of engagement ring settings that you can choose from. We can compare the diamond that you have selected in different settings. There might be a style of ring that you saw online that you liked, however, when you tried it on then it no longer appealed to you. Diamond ring shopping should always be done in person so you get a chance to try on and compare different styles. We invite you to schedule an appointment today to find out why we are considered one of the best engagement ring stores in Dallas.


Browse our vast inventory of diamond and bridal engagement rings.

8 Tips to Consider when Shopping for an Engagement Ring

One needs to entwine emotion and practicality when shopping for an engagement ring. You may be someone who adheres to the rule books or maybe a die-hard romantic, however, buying an engagement ring is something that goes beyond them.

An engagement ring is an expression, something that best expresses your undying love and commitment to your girl.

So when you are buying something you hardly have any knowledge about, you literally need to come out of your comfort zone. However, considering a few things can definitely help you find the perfect engagement ring for your girl.


Fix Your Budget

Many people will narrate what the traditional rulebook says. However, you need to ignore them and fix a budget as per your convenience and feasibility. At Diamond Exchange Dallas we will first ask your budget and accordingly help you purchase the ring of your choice.


Choose Wisely

Dallas boasts of numerous jewelry store. However, it is not necessary that all of them are authentic and can be trusted. Base your search on those stores that have been accredited by some leading organizations like the Gemological Institute of America. When it comes to selecting a store, you can also seek the advice of your trusted friends and relatives who have already got an engagement ring before.


Know Her Ring Size

You cannot move a step ahead if you do not know her ring size. If it is meant to be a surprise for her, then you can ask one of her close friends to get you her ring size. You can also sneak into her room and get a spare ring from her jewelry box.


Choose a Gemstone

Though diamond remains the undisputed ruler when it comes to choosing a gemstone for an engagement ring, you can definitely consider other equally precious gemstones like ruby, sapphire and the like. If your choice is a diamond, educate yourself on the 4 C’s which pertains to color, carat, clarity, and cut.


Choose The Shape

Knowing your fiance’s lifestyle and favorite choice is a must when choosing the shape of your chosen diamond. To be more precise, the shape is the geometry of the stone. In diamonds, for example, apart from the traditional round, you can consider shapes like the princess, oval, pear, marquise, asscher, cushion, emerald, radiant, heart etc.


Choose A Metal

Next, you will need to consider which metal to opt for. The options are numerous here. Platinum is the most favorable choice owing to its purity and durability. However, there are other popular options like titanium, gold, silver, palladium. Gold is further divided into yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, green gold etc.


Know you Fiance’s Choice/ Taste

The choice is literally unlimited and hence it has become an overwhelming task to choose an engagement ring. If you wish to narrow down your search big time, then knowing your fiance’s preference, her likes and dislikes are necessary.


A Wedding Band

Above all, you also need to consider whether you wish to complement the engagement ring with a wedding band. Most women prefer an engagement ring with a matching wedding band. Hence, here again, knowing your fiance’s choice will reduce your headache big time.  

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